Wastewater Treatment Troubleshooting & Training

Rowan design and implement WWTP systems to meet statutory requirements and improve treatment efficiencies. WWTP design and review consultation can be applied to the entire system or to specific problem areas, including: odour abatement, screening, DAF, chemical dosing, anoxic zones, aerobic digestion, sludge dewatering and tertiary treatment. For more information on wastewater treatment plant design and management, and how we can assist you, please contact us.
For companies with a dedicated WWTP onsite to process effluents, WWTP manuals are a vital document for the optimum operation of the facility and to ensure compliance with EPA audits. They can include: the treatment overview, capacities, control monitoring, in-treatment target parameters, WWTP checks, laboratory practices, calibration, WWTP troubleshooting and corrective actions. Rowan can assist with the creation and updating of your WWTP manual. Rowan can compile all the necessary information required for a WWTP manual that will ensure optimum WWTP performance and EPA compliance.