EPA Licensing & Local Authority Permitting

Rowan offer specialist environmental advice for EPA licensing applications. We can assist you throughout the entire licensing process, from initial discussions, to completion of application forms and appendices, completion of necessary environmental assessments, to submission of the final documentation. We provide consultation for the following licences;

IPC | IED Licensing

Rowan can compile all the necessary information required for an Industrial Emissions Licence Application or an  Industrial Emissions Licence Review Application, including all technical drawings, completion of forms, technical environmental assessment reports, correspond with the EPA on your behalf, submission of the final documentation and assistance with your future  Industrial Emissions Licence compliance. In the event that an EIA is required by the EPA, it would be developed in line with European Directive 2014/52/EU and the Planning and Development (EIA) Regulations 2018 (S.I. No. 296 of 2018).

Waste Licensing

Rowan can compile all the necessary information required for a Waste Licence Application or a Waste Licence Review application, including all technical drawings, completion of forms, technical environmental assessment reports, correspond with the EPA on your behalf and submission of the final application documentation. In addition, Rowan can assist with objections to proposed waste licences and assist you with future waste licence compliance.

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation for Local Authorities

The licensing and certification of wastewater discharges from areas served by local sewers was introduced in 2007 in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Water Discharge (Authorisation) Regulations, 2007 (S.I. No. 684 of 2007).  These regulations require all discharges to the aquatic environment from sewerage systems, owned and operated by water service authorities to have a wastewater discharge licence or certificate authorised by the EPA.

Waste Facility and Collection Permits

If you are collecting, transferring, handling or storing waste, Rowan can complete the application process on your behalf, and submit the documentation to the relevant local authority. We provide consultation services for the following permits:
  • Waste Facility Permits
  • Waste Collection Permits
  • Certificate of Registration for Sewage Sludge Facilities

Environmental Liability and Risk Assessment (ELRA)

Most EPA licensed facilities are now required by the EPA to conduct an Environmental Liability and Risk Assessment (ELRA) as part of their licence compliance and to review and update every 3 years. An ELRA considers the unknown environmental risks for unplanned events occurring during the operation of a facility.

Rowan can ensure that your company is prepared for the updated ELRA requirements and can assist you in preparing future ELRA reports. For more information on Environmental Liability Risk Assessment and how we can assist you, please contact us.

Environmental Audits, and preparatory Mock Audits for EPA or Certification Inspection

Rowan regularly carry out audits on client’s sites to assess compliance with EPA licence conditions, Local Authority/Irish Water discharge licence conditions and relevant ISO and company standards both in Ireland and the UK and report back to clients where any potential concerns or non-compliances have been identified.


The Mock Environmental Audits will typically take the following structure:

Opening Meeting – The auditor will outline the purpose, objective and scope of the audit with site representatives.

Site Inspection – A site walkover will be carried out throughout specific areas of the site, including fuel and chemical storage areas, waste storage areas, discharge points and process areas to assess compliance with Licence conditions.

Documentation Review – Following the site walkover, a review of relevant documentation and records will be conducted to include a review a selection of monitoring results, technical reports and environmental checks conducted for the site.

Closing Meeting – The auditor will hold a closing meeting with site representatives to detail the preliminary findings of the audit and identify any significant concerns that need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

An audit report outlining the final findings of the audit and any proposed recommendations to address concerns or potential non-compliances identified by Rowan during the audit.