Environmental Monitoring & Sampling

Rowan have the necessary technical expertise to design and execute a noise monitoring programme to measure noise levels in relation to EPA licensing or planning permission-specified limits. Factors such as the location of noise sensitive receptors, sources of noise, frequency and duration of noise can all be incorporated into the monitoring programme.
Rowan can conduct surface and groundwater monitoring programmes that are designed specifically to your site in compliance with your licence or permit. We can conduct surface water monitoring for streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs while we have the necessary groundwater monitoring equipment to sample groundwater monitoring boreholes. We can also undertake flow surveys on streams and rivers. We can conduct field analysis and also have water samples analysed for a wide range of parameters at an accredited laboratory.

Rowan can undertake accurate and reliable dust monitoring, using the Bergerhoff dust method. This method is accepted by the EPA and local authorities as part of waste or IPPC licences.