What We Do

Rowan offers a comprehensive range of environmental consultancy services, for both the public and private sectors. As Environmental legislation is becoming ever more stringent, Rowan can help your company meet your statutory environmental requirements, such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licensing, Waste management and Environmental Impact Assessment. We have an in-house team of qualified and experienced Environmental Consultants, Engineers and Ecologists who can assist you in meeting the requirements set by Government agencies such as the EPA, Irish Water and Local Authorities.

EPA Licencing

Rowan offers specialist environmental advice for EPA licensing applications. We can assist you throughout the entire licensing process, from initial discussions, to completion of application forms and appendices, completion of necessary environmental assessments, to submission of the final documentation. We provide consultation for the following licences;

IPC | IED Licensing

An Industrial Emissions Licence (IED)/ Integrated Pollution Control licence is a single licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which controls all emissions to the environment associated with a facility. IED/ IPC licensed facilities must comply with Best Available Techniques for their sector. The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) (2010/75/EU), as it has been transposed into Irish legislation, has changed the existing situation and has introduced a third class of licence that can be granted by the Agency, the Industrial Emissions Licence (IE).

Rowan can compile all the necessary information required for an  Industrial Emissions Licence Application or an  Industrial Emissions Licence Review Application, including all technical drawings, completion of forms, technical environmental assessment reports, correspond with the EPA on your behalf, submission of the final documentation and assist with your future  Industrial Emissions Licence licence compliance.

Waste Licensing

A waste License, which is issued by the EPA to private companies and local authorities, gives authorisation to carry out waste activities as defined by the Waste Management (Licensing) Regulations 2004 and Amendment 2010. All waste activities involved in the operation of the facility are considered, and the EPA must be satisfied that the proposed or existing activity will not result in detrimental effects on the local environment. The application process itself can be time consuming as a large quantity of information needs to be compiled.

Rowan can compile all the necessary information required for a Waste Licence Application or a Waste Licence Review application, including all technical drawings, completion of forms, technical environmental assessment reports, correspond with the EPA on your behalf and submission of the final application documentation. In addition, Rowan can assist with objections to proposed Waste licences and assist you with future Waste Licence Compliance.

Wastewater Discharge Authorisation for Local Authorities

The licensing and certification of wastewater discharges from areas served by local sewers was introduced in 2007 in accordance with the requirements of the Waste Water Discharge (Authorisation) Regulations, 2007 (S.I. No. 684 of 2007).  These regulations require all discharges to the aquatic environment from sewerage systems, owned and operated by water service authorities to have a wastewater discharge licence or certificate authorised by the EPA.

Rowan have a team of dedicated and experienced Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Consultants who can provide the application and compliance services for wastewater discharge authorisations with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including:

  • Completion of Wastewater Discharge licence and certificate applications, as well as, our support throughout the application process.
  • Screening Appropriate Assessment and full Natura Impact Statements.
  • Full Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment (ELRA) and ELRA 3 year reviews.
  • Downstream Water Abstraction Risk Assessments.

EPA Licensing & EIAR

Any development which is seeking an IPC or Waste licence which has not previously been subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is screened by the EPA to determine whether an IPC or Waste licence application should be made subject to an EIA.

This screening assesses the nature of the development in relation to EIA thresholds in Irish Planning and Development Acts and the Planning and Development Regulations and it assesses the significance of likely environmental impacts. The legislation relating to EIA during the EPA licensing process is based upon the European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control) Regulations 2012S.I. No. 282 of 2012 and the European Union (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Waste) Regulations 2012 S.I. No. 283 of 2012.

Rowan offers a comprehensive service in Environmental Impact Assessment and EIS reports with our specialist team of Environmental Scientists, Ecologists and Engineers. We provide guidance and advice from individual technical sections through to complete management of the EIA/EIS and the associated planning process.