EIARs - Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

Conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) is necessary to accompany certain types of development. Formal environmental assessment enables the environmental effects which may be caused by a project to be systematically evaluated and presented in an EIAR. The legislation relating to EIA is based upon Irish Planning and Development Acts and the Planning and Development Regulations.
Rowan offer a comprehensive service in EIA and EIAR with our specialist team of environmental scientists, ecologists and engineers. Each EIS is prepared in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, “Guidelines on the Information to be contained in Environmental Impact Statements” and “Advice Notes on Current Practice in the Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements“. We provide guidance and advice from individual technical sections through to complete management of the EIA/EIAR and the associated planning process.

Rowan can provide Planning Environmental Reports to accompany planning applications of various nature and scale that are below the EIA thresholds. These reports can include baseline environmental information, environmental monitoring, an appraisal of potential environmental impacts and can detail any proposed environmental mitigation measures.