Decommissioning, Aftercare and CRAMP

Decommissioning Management Plan (DMP)

Most EPA licensed facilities are now required by the EPA to conduct a Decommissioning Management Plan (DMP) which identifies the actions that will be taken following the cessation of activities at a licensed site. The known liabilities are appraised along with potential legacy environmental issues to ensure that there are no significant environmental liabilities arising post site closure.

Closure, Restoration and Aftercare Management Plan (CRAMP)

Rowan can also complete a Closure, Restoration and Aftercare Management Plan (CRAMP). CRAMP is used to determine the known environmental liabilities associated with the closure and decommissioning of the facility e.g. landfill or mine which has known environmental liabilities post closure.

Independent Closure Audits (ICA)

Rowan can advise clients regarding EPA licence surrender and we can undertake Independent Closure Audits (ICA) as part of a site’s decommissioning to ensure that no remaining environmental liabilities remain at a site in accordance with the EPA’s “Guidance to Licensees on Surrender, Cessation and Closure of Licensed Sites”. Following an assessment of the ICA report, an EPA inspector carries out an exit audit to assess the condition of the installation and the site.